1. Masuk kat laman web nih. KLIK DISINI

2. ikut step2 yang diberi tu...


3. kan senang...x yah beratur panjang untuk beli tiket...tempah siap2

4. selamat menonton wayang..hihihihi :-)



For you to access e-Payment, you have to register as GSC member first. To sign up as member, click on ‘Join’ button below.Once your registration is successful, you will receive an email confirmation instruction for you to click on to verify your membership account.

Once verified your membership, you can start to purchase tickets by clicking on “Login” button with username and password.

After login, go to ‘TICKETING & SHOWTIMES’ and click on “E-PAYMENT”.


In e-Payment, to start your purchase, you can either choose to select “Movie” tab or “Cinema” tab.

“Cinema” Selection. Select the cinema where you want to watch your movie. Next, pick the preferred date of screening, movie and show times.

Pick your preferred seats from the screen. Click “Next” to continue.

Select the ticket type and number of tickets required.

Select payment mode.

Payment via CIMB Clicks, maybank2u, PayPal, PB eBank and RHB Now. Double check your transaction details before clicking on “Confirm” button to continue. *Note: Different payment mode will have different logo.

Payment via Credit Card. Double check your transaction details before fill in credit card information.

Click on “Confirm” button to continue.

Payment via PayPal. Login to PayPal account with your email address and password.

Payment via CIMB Clicks. Login to CIMB Clicks account with your User ID & Password

Payment via Maybank2u. Login to m2u account with your m2u username & password.

Payment via PB eBank, login to PB eBank account with your PB eBank user ID & password.

Payment via RHB Now, login to RHB Now account with your RHB Now username ID & password.

Payment via e-Voucher. Fill up the e-Voucher details and PIN Code to continue.

For credit card payment mode. You will receive OTP or MSOS code from the bank to complete your transaction.

*Note: Different banks will have different layout. You will need to register your phone number with your issuing bank for online transaction in order to receive OTP or MSOS code.

For m2u payment mode. You will need a TAC Code to complete your transaction. Press on ‘Request a TAC number” to receive a TAC number.
Once you have received the TAC number from your mobile set, key in the number in the TAC column and confirm the transaction.

* Note: You will also receive TAC if you pay with CIMB Clicks, PB eBank & RHB Now.

Your transaction will then be displayed on the ‘Transaction Response Status’ page with confirmation ID.

In GCS website, you can check your transaction confirmation ID under ‘History’. You can also click on ‘Print Tickets’ to print “SelfPrint” ticket or select to resend email confirmation if you did not receive email.